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"Very professional site! Keep up the great work!"

Ruth R.

Houston, TX
"I got a good idea of available positions in my field as well as a good sense of the companies that have a high turn over. "

Monica V.

Brooklyn, NY
"I wanted very much to either change my career path or to work abroad, but I am too busy to have time to do the first step. This site in the web provided me both opportunities without having to apply for a leave of absence or to sacrifice my working hours. Add to this the privilege of selecting my employer and the places where I like to work! Freedom, at last!"

Jesus S.

"Within 24 hours after submitting my resume, I received 3 phone calls from potential employers."

Tom B.

Tustin, CA
"I appreciate the premium service offered by this service. It is a venue to view jobs current, past and old search.The site curtails each job search to the applicants skill set."

Bernadette E.

Bronx, NY
" iHireSecondaryTeachers helped me to hone my resume and I was able to practice interview skills. "

Andrea L.

New Haven, CT
"It really did a great job of keeping me informed......"

Jeffrey K.

Tacoma, WA
"I believe that this site is truly magnificent for individuals like myself. The world of technology has grown in an alarming rate, and is continuing to make a huge impact on society as we speak. I enjoy a fresh way to establish a means for getting connected by a means that offers more exposure to locations that may not be readily available or accessible by any other means. This site is fabulous. "

Sheila R.

Muskegon, MI
"I was highly impressed when I came in contact with this website, and equally highly motivated by the method you people use in employing qualified candidates for the various employers."

Peter G.

"Thank you for the badly needed help in securing a position. I shall certainly continue to refer your fine organization to my colleagues."

John B.

Baytown, TX
" I have been pleasantly surprized by your service. During the first week after having 531 resume summaries faxed out, I received an average on a phone call a day. One of the calls was from a college in search of an adjunct professor. Another was from an exclusive private high school in Washington, D.C. Another call came from a charter school in Washington, D.C., looking for a montesorri teacher for 3-5-year-olds. There were several calls from middle schools, one in Knoxville, and one Baltimore. Thanks for your excellent service. You are steadily making better matches between schools and teachers possible. "

Murray N.

Chattanooga, TN
"This is one of the easiest and effective sites on the net. No run arounds; direct and to the point. Way to go!!!!!!!"

Johnny B.

Mesa, AZ
"I found a part-time job through this site. I have received more response overall via this site than any other employment site I have used. Now, I'm hoping to find a full-time job, and I believe my best bet is through iHire."

Gabrielle J.

Union City, NJ
"This is a system that will work because it demonstrates what you truly love to do, hence high productivity for the employer. It's a Win-Win!!!"

Richmond P.

Altamont, NY
"I appreciate this free, effective service and recommend it to any secondary educator."

Richard R.